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Biography :
I wanted to write myself this page to send you as easily as possible my passion and love  I have for golf.

From the first moment I met this wonderful sport, I became crasy about it.

I will never forget the first time I hit a golf ball ...

I was 11 and it happened then something magical in my body and in my head. We were at Rosemere Golf Club on the tee of the 14th hole, a par 3 of 145 yards in front of Ronald Corey (former President of the Montreal Canadiens), René Lecavalier (the voice of Hockey Night in Canada Radio Canada), Jean Maurice Bailly (sports journalist at Radio Canada) and of course my father Gilles.  I was my father's caddy for the day and he promised me that if I was doing a good job, I would be trying to hit a ball in near future. Suddenly, during their game, he hands me a stick and a ball, saying: "Hit that ball! ". And I hit my shot right on the green, then I did my two putts for my first Par. In the days that followed, I began to tell everyone that I was to become a  Golf PRO ... And afterwards, I did my best to achieve my goal.

I tell you all this because I want to convince you to spend an hour with me.

I would like to convey to you that LOVE golf and knowledge I acquired in Florida with greatest golf professional and the best coach in the world, from my opinion,  Jack Grout.   He was also the mentor of the greatest golfer of all time, Jack Nicklaus.

With the support of my sponsors and thanks to the talent that I had received, I had the unique opportunity to work with him and today I would like to give you a chance, you too to enjoy.

I am so tired of seeing many of you put so much time and money to practice and play without doing the right things ... so that it can be so simple.

What I learned there 42 years has not changed from 5%, as Mr. Grout often told me.

 2 + 2 = 4 ... It was true there are more than 500 years ... 100 years ... 50 years yesterday and today ... and it will be forever!

To tell you that, to hit a ball straight, there is only one way: the impact, it must return the stick "right", exactly as it was your starting position and in the same place .

You must surely begin to love this simple piece of advice.

Mr. Grout always told me:

'' On '' swing 'momentum to generate distance and hands will run precision'.
Phew! This is different from what you heard.
Our 'swing' should never change. " We must live with and not make basic mistakes I'll explain on video, depending on what I see at home.

Also read the following carefully:

Mr. Grout said to me:

'' If you went to the practice range on the PGA Tour and that was located 50 yards right in the middle, protected by a transparent tent, with your back to the best golfers in the world, just look at the trajectory of these balls, one would see nearly identical trajectory. And after a couple of minutes, we would turn to look at the pros and we would see swing  different. ''

That is why we must understand that you should never try to change our own swing  while the best golfers in the world, themselves, all have different swings! So why change yours?

Come see me.

I look forward to seeing you.

Michel Boyer