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5th visit


Daniel had to practice the exercises prescribed for the elimination of moving the hips called "sway". I started by checking if the work had been well done. So I have annotated two green lines to allow me to see if the problem was corrected.

We can note an obvious improvement in the rotation of the hips at the peak of the swing. There is still a slight movement of the hips, but he will have much less impact on missed shots. Note the green circle, the left knee slightly bent, indicating that the rotation is done well. The elimination of moving the hips allowed him to take his arm away and extension. A good hip rotation will bring a lot more power during the descent, as they will rotate themselves because of the tension created by the initial rotation.

The second aspect that we worked on this visit was the hand position at the peak of the climb. The hand position at this critical stage of the swing will allow us to know if the golfer is swinging too much to the outside (upright) or too much inside (flat) compared to the conventional swing (swing plane ). A good way to analyze this is to draw a line perpendicular to the ground just behind the heel golfer. Hands should then be located close to this line. Someone whose hands are positioned to the left of this line has a swing too much in the inside (flat). If the hands are too much to the right of this line, the swing is too much outside (upright). Here in the red circle, it indicates that the hands are located too much to the left of the line, so too much inside. That's why Daniel hit the ball left regularly.

What better than a picture of one of the world's best golf professionals to illustrate the correct position to take. We clearly see the hands that touch the line cheating slightly to the left. Daniel will have to focus to direct his hands a little higher when rising. I gave him some exercises to work on this aspect.