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3rd visit

After spending a few weeks in practice range to  correct different aspects, Daniel returned to visit me. Very goodimprovement in the starting position. Now that this aspect is well assimilated, we can focus on other aspects of the swing.

Daniel must now focus on alignment to the target. This picture does not do it right. The player still seems to have the shoulders and hips aligned to the left. The camera is not well placed at 90 degrees behind the player, this created the optical illusion that he is not aligned correctly. But drawing a line at the feet, knees, hips and shoulders, one can see that the alignment is correct. We are now ready to analyze the swing.


After filming the swing, we found that the first centimeters of the rise were problematic. By stopping the sequence after a few pictures, we can see that Daniel's club goes outside the green arrow. This will cause an outside swing to the inside and will produce an effect of an unwanted "slice". The stick should normally follow the ground, parallel to the arrow.

Another aspect of the swing we have analyzed during this visit is the impact. In the picture above, you can clearly see a split second before the impact, the clubface is still open. The wrists come before the club, but the hands are not rolling as they should.

Below you will find a closer picture of the open clubface before impact. After analysis, I gave him some exercises to repeat tin the driving range. I also showed him how the hands should be rolling and I made him feel the "feeling" of this rolling.