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Golf  Lessons :

My knowledge and my heart converge in order to make you enjoy the most beautiful sports there is, and you can also, practice your whole life.

Age is not a barrier to learning and to improve his technique. Trying to imitate or to listen to his playmates in order to change his technique is not recommended. If your desire is to improve yourself and enjoy golf, it is imperative to learn the basic rules that govern the sport. I am confident that I will be able to improve your technique, your momentum and thereby reduce your "disability" (margin of error).

I teach golf as a wealth of knowledge acquired over the years. From the time the family Miron was sponsoring me, I spent two years in Florida where I learned of the late Mr. Jack Grout, professor of the renowned Jack Nicklaus, what I teach today. It is important to mention that my courses you will not impose a single way of playing. I will not change your swing, I will improve it.

With the arrival of the video, I do not hesitate to use it for teaching. Over the last twenty years, with the help of the companies Sony, Compaq and Dumoulin.  I have perfected the use of video and peripheral to the point of making an indispensable tool for the teacher as well as the student. My students walked away with a videotape of their impulses. Accompanied by appropriate explanations, this videotape becomes a permanent reference for the student. Today, they receive email.

I continued to improve my command of the video camera, sound and electronic pen to help golfers understand the intricacies of their momentum. I'm also equipped with a computer and software to compare your swing with that of professionals PGA. Your impulses are saved on hard drive and can be used as needed to bring out your progress. Long gone are the days when the professional had, as one possibility, hide with his pupil in a field of practice with a basket of balls.

Unfortunately, golf can be learned in a few lessons or weeks. A sport that can be learned in a short time, I do not know. It is important to be aware of in order not to distort your expectations. It is always easier to achieve a goal when previously defined. If we do not know the destination of our journey, we will get somewhere else and this is not desirable. We must eliminate the question marks. Golf is no exception to the rule; motivation, discipline and good will are the basic criteria for anyone who wants to learn and improve. Trying to improve his game by trying different stuff day after day can be effective. Learn golf is like learning to life; we must manage the 'high' and learn from 'low' '. The order and method are the training premises.

The success of a well executed shot based on adequate starting positions. If your position is correct before executing your momentum and your shot is missed, the movement is then responsible. It is important to identify the source of problems if we want to correct them. It is essential to support your teaching of stretching exercises to facilitate the movements of your swing. With my 28 years of experience, I am confident that my passion for teaching and love of golf will serve you well. We often hear the same thoughts.

    If I had started younger, it would have been easier
    if I hit further, I would play a lot better
    if I played more often, I would play much better
    Why "slice"?
    Why is the "hook"?
    How should- I hold the stick
    Am I positioned relative to the ball ??

Jack Grout often said: "Pay attention to golf books, video and tips to television There is no magic formula to improve his game should not forget that golf is a game This explains... that children have a much easier and make more fun to play than adults. They work to play golf! Like children, adult beginners have no default. The only difference is the level of attitude: the child is uncomfortable in front of a missed shot, he tries again Adults fights with the practical technical details as he perceived them instead of leaving. primer instinct of the game. During a game, the golf swing can run by considering the various elements involved in this movement. "