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Let me introduce you to the POWER CLUB that will help you explore deeper your golf swing. It is much shorter than a real stick and much heavier. A golf club averaged 11 ounces spread over about 44 inches, while the POWER CLUB has a length of 21 inches and weighs between 2.5 to 6 pounds. It is made of steel and guaranteed for life

This is a training stick that you can use everywhere: you can use it without fear of hitting the walls or ceilings. It will be useful in the office or at home. It will allow you either to practice your swing in a mirror as if you had a real golf club in your hands, or to warm up before heading to the golf course and play your eighteen favorite holes


    The benefits of the POWER CLUB

You can practice your swing in the backyard.

No need to always go to the practice range


 The garage is a place to practice without worrying about hitting the ceiling.

It can also be used in the basement, if the ceiling height permits it.

You do not have time to go to the practice range?

Now with the POWER CLUB in the trunk of the car, you can warm up a few minutes before your tee-off !


$ 39.00 + taxes, Contact me if you are interested