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Backswing :

At the top 



The majority of problems are at the top of the backswing.

Observe the picture above. See how the upper body and the head forward towards the ball too, causing the hands to move away from the vertical yellow line. Instead, the hands should almost touch that line in yellow.

Note also that the wrists are too broken and that the club is aligned to the right instead of being parallel to the target. Again, major problems will occur during the descent. The body wants to automatically compensate for this poor position at the top of the swing. This will cause an effect to the right in 90% of cases, or just a missed shot.



Now here is the same student during another visit after my comments. Note how the hands are close to the yellow line; the wrists are practically not broken and the club is now almost parallel to the target. Obviously, you notice that it is much better to turn the hips and shoulders. The chances of a successful descent are significantly increased.



Now here is the comparative picture of these two swings. The sentence "a picture is worth a thousand words" is obvious !