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First visit


I ask the player to hit some balls and then position himself to hit the ball. When he is ready, I interrupt to take the picture of the starting position.


I was honest from the start with Daniel. Prior to his swing, it was necessary to correct the mistakes of his starting position, and I showed him how to position himself each time he will hit the ball. It may seem difficult at first, because the muscles are not used to be stressed in this position. The weight should be evenly distributed on both legs and the upper body must be tilted 10% right. As you lower one hand, it is obvious that you will have a lower shoulder. The head must be behind the ball and raised to well let the shoulders during the rotation. Hands should be vis-à-vis the inside of the front thigh. Slightly open the foot to facilitate the follow-through after impact. You can see the corrections in red below.

Then I made a brief analysis of its swing and I have identified the most severe errors. The foot which first moves and lifts from the ground; we see clearly that the head is too low and moves with the rotation of the shoulder. It is very difficult to keep your eyes on the ball.