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Tips advice :

Choose the trainer ...
The questions to make a good choice.  Whether to correct the defects by the repetition of erroneous transactions, get fit or to learn the basics of the sport, many of you will call on professionals, but beware, all instructors are not equivalent.

There are five questions we must ask their future coach. First, we must ask him to show you his map of the Quebec Association of golf professionals. Many people overlook this detail. I've never been asked my card in 42 years of teaching. The fact that your coach is part of the association assures you of his competence.

Secondly, we must find out how long your coach acts in the world of golf. Experience is essential when talking golf. This is not an easy sport and it is no coincidence that most professional golfers reach their peak between 30 and 40 years. Of course, there are exceptions such as Tiger Woods, but the experience must remain an important selection criterion. We must also understand that the experience as a player does not automatically make a golfer a good golfer. People are looking for stars. Unfortunately, this is not always the ones who are the most competent to teach, Jack Grout never signed a teaching book, preferring to that of his very popular student Jack Nicklaus.

The last three questions are designed to assess the credibility and personality of your coach. During the first interview with a teacher, ask him if you could have 2-3 classes in the same week. If you answered yes, do not agree that professional. To ensure your progress, you have to have time to apply what you have learned in your course. The only one who would benefit from this situation is that your teacher would only repeat essentially the same things from one meeting to another.

The next question is a little trap. Ask if it offers free lessons for those who take more. Wanting to be nice or just wanting not to lose you, he may be tempted to cooperate. Tell yourself that if he was really competent, he would probably not have the time nor the need to make such gifts to keep its customers, too eagerly on his part should you put a flea in his ear.

Finally, ask if it can change your swing. Know that a golf swing is like a personality, it's working, but it does not change. A professional who would like to change your swing without having seen it probably has a narrow view of the golf course. We can compare a '' golf swing 'to a writing hand. Having a bad hand writing does not mean that the quality of your French or your English is not good. The important thing is not that the momentum is elegant, but it is always constant, natural, smooth and efficient.