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Training :

Even if golf does not appear, at first glance, a demanding sport for the human body, it remains one of the sports that uses more muscles at the same time. Think about the muscles of your arms, your hands, your wrists, your lower back, upper back, your abs, your thighs and your calves. All those muscles are used simultaneously during a single golf swing. That is why many of you feel uncomfortable in the day following their first round of golf in spring. As in any other sport, it is important to warm up to loosen the muscles. It is also beneficial to practice often to build what is called a "muscle memory". The voluntary repetition of a movement is inevitably stored by your muscles, which will make your swing easier and more fluid. The important thing is to practice the RIGHT movement. This is why it is important to go to the driving range on a regular basis and before the games if we can arrive at the golf club early.

If you do not have time to hit balls, the following exercises are recommended