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2nd visit

During his second visit, Daniel already demonstrates a significant improvement especially in its starting position. However, he has exaggerated some of the advices given during his first visit. His hands too far forward in the initial position, his head is still a bit too low and the gap between the legs at the base is too wide.

We then worked on corrections and have filmed the new start position. Thus, Daniel will return visit to see his video and his new position.

Aside, we can see certain qualities even with a player with as little technique. The back is straight and bending from the hips. The mistake in this picture is an alignment; shoulders and hips are pointing to the left of the target instead of being parallel to it. This kind of mistake is common among amateur golfers. They feel that they are aligned to the target, but that is not the case. To help you, you have to place a club aligned to the target at your your feet.