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The Professional golfer :


Michel started playing golf at the age of 12. He had some success as a junior and as an amateur. At 18, he was the youngest tour professional golfer in North America. Then he played on the professional tour of Florida, Arizona, Canada and Quebec. When he was only 19, he signed a big win at the Ontario Open by winning against the best Canadian and American professionals.

He then became the first French canadian to win a major title in Canada. Subsequently, he participated in about 15 tournaments on the
PGA Tour, among others like Nicklaus, Palmer, Watson and Weiskopf.   Michel has always impressed everybody with his very long shots and his power. Indeed in four years on the Canadian Tour, he won 9 "driving contests" (contest of the longest tee shots). On two occasions, he participated in the qualifications of the American tour, missing the first one by five shots.

Having worked in the United States gave him the chance to meet several stars of the PGA Tour. Because of his young age, many did not hesitate to give him valuable advices on golf techniques and competition. Michel was specifically interested in the technical side of golf clubs.

He considers himself privileged by the fact that he was introduced to renowned Jack Grout, Jack Nicklaus'spersonal coach,the same one who wrote several books on the technical aspect of the swing.

Considered an expert in golf technique, "The Master," his nickname, agreed to coach Michel. For 2 years, Michel went to Ilsmorada Florida to enjoy his rigorous teaching. He was able to teach him the rudiments of the game on all angles.

Michel signed victories on all tours he played. Then, after 10 years of high-level competition, and inspired by these two years with Jack Grout, he decided in the early 80s to devote himself entirely to help you master this wonderful sport.

Today, Michel likes to believe that he is at the same time a pioneer and a leader in using the latest technology for everything related to the wonderful world of golf and teaching.